Physical Prototyping

In Fall 2018, I took a physical prototyping class, which condensed two years worth of industrial design classes into one semester. It was very challenging for me as I had no physical design or prototyping experience. But I also had so much fun learning all modeling skills and making prototypes throughout the semester. Hope you are having fun viewing my works.

Cardboard Modeling - A Breakfast Maker

With this design, I want to make a breakfast maker that caters to all my needs. It functions as a steamer, an oven, and a toaster.

I started with making a storyboard, specifying the user cases, then I modeled all the cardboard components in SolidWorks to make sure all parts connected in the right way. After that, I laser cut all the pieces out and assembled the model.

Here is a stop-motion video of how it works.

Modeling through Existing Components - A Night Light

In this design, I played with a circuit board to try to explore its functionality and make a housing model for it. I chose to create a night light that utilized the light sensor on the circuit board.

I modeled a shell that is approximately the size of a google mini, and 3D printed it. To correctly use the light sensor, I went through three iterations and printed three sets of models to make it eventually work.

Here is a small video for assembling instruction and how the night light works.